Maintenance Of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Maintenance Of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy coating is a coating compound that consists of epoxy resin and polyamine hardener components mixed to create a product used in garage, floors, countertops, and decks application. It is popularly known due to its durability hence can be used to upgrade industrial materials such as concrete slab and steel. For the garage floor to appear appealing, and robust epoxy coating application is the best choice. For something to have a long life, maintenance should be of great concern. In this article, we will look at the best maintenance practices for garage floor epoxy coating.

How to maintain garage floor epoxy coating

To keep the epoxy floor in the top shape, you will have to provide at least a minimal maintenance for the storey. The maintenance practice includes:-

Clean the dirt and grit from the surfaces

It would help if you cleared the dirt from the surface regularly to prevent damaging the floor. If dirt and grit are left on the covers, they will embed or cause a scratch on the floor. The trash and dust should be removed using a shop vacuum and with the attachment of a soft brush. Take extra precautions to ensure the surface is free from dirt and dust when it comes time to move heavy machinery across the floor.

Maintenance Of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating

Avoid using soap-based cleaners

Formation of a haze occurs when soap-based cleaners are used to clean the garage floor or better to contact epoxy garage floor contractor for the purpose. Always use a scrubbing brush to clean the surface since the floor does not need soap, warm water. Use soft soap to help you with the hard spills if you need extra scrubbing power.

Spot cleaning

On the floor, where something has spilled, you should vacuum or sweep the small area. It would help if you vacuumed up an area along with any dirt and grime when the liquid has spilled using a shop vacuum with warm water and mop. An epoxy floor is effortless to clean when liquid spills occur and are highly water resistant.

Oil, car chemicals and other chemicals

It would be best if you used shop towels or paper towels to clean up oil and another car-related chemical on the garage floor epoxy. Avoid leaving the car spills on the floor for a long time. The gas spills should be cleaned immediately to prevent an epoxy floor from damaging. As soon as the spills occur, clean them using shop towels.

Maintenance Of Garage Floor Epoxy Coating


Light scrubbing with a kitchen scrubbing sponge and warm water should be used to clean stains such as rust. Steel wool and harsh chemicals such as comet should be avoided since they are too abrasive, thus will cause scratches to the floor. Compounds with citrus or acid should never be used to clean the stains since the epoxy catalyst will be broken down by citrus cleaners and vinegar.

Clean epoxy coating safely

Always start by sweeping, vacuuming, or blowing out the garage floor to clean the floor. To mist the floor, you can use a pump sprayer or a garden hose, checkout for more information. Notably, pull the water out of the garage using a soft foam squeegee to remove dust, dirt, light stains, and debris.


To sum up, the regular performance of maintenance practices will ensure the floors are clean and tidy. The above maintenance tips are always essential to help extend the life of the storey, thus reducing the cost of repair.